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Consumers want it. Google has changed its search formula to show it. And YouTube has become the second most popular search engine because they have it. The power of video is exploding all across the Internet!

Buyers respond to video promotions more than any other form of Internet advertising. Statistics show 64% are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. That’s a huge opportunity to show potential customers what you’re all about. If you don’t have video then you’re missing out on tens-of-millions of people shopping online every day!

Creative Video Marketing can create a top quality video promoting your business. Build trust with customers, create a call-to-action and show the benefits your company has to offer, all while building your subscriber list and boosting your search rankings. We make it easy and affordable.

Here’s how it works…

Choose from our huge selection of video themes and music. Send us your photos, video and information about your business. Our video producers, script writers and professional voice over narrators will then produce your customized video. You make the choices and leave it to us to create the perfect pitch that you can email, include on your website and optimize for YouTube, Google, Facebook and more. You’ll have the competitive advantage when you use your video to showcase your business to your prospects and customers!

Creative Video Marketing is your one-stop marketing superstore! We also specialize in mailing lists, email lists and direct mail. Need more Customers? We’ll help you find them! Advertise to Consumers or Businesses by geography, age, income, business type and more. We have the expertise and the resources to make any business more successful! Call today to get started 800-971-0500 or visit us online at www.CreativeVideoMarketing.com.


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